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The Cancer Report:

'The Cancer Report' -- a documentary from Health Wyze Media

Transcript file for "The Cancer Report" documentary

Quote from The Cancer Report:

"... cancers are actually a survival mechanism of the body. When oxygen levels drop too low (internal suffocation), the cells must mutate into cells that can survive from fermentation, to prevent entire regions of the body from dying. In other words, people would get sicker and die much sooner without cancer, which is merely a natural defense mechanism."

The Cancer Report contains various references to the disastrous corruption of medicine by the capitalistic profiteering.
The aim of medicine in the capitalistic economic system is not the healing or even prevention of illnesses, but the profit. In this métier the goods-character of services is not distinct from that in any other business. Anything promising profit is on offer even though there is the risk that the patient/client will be ruined. And in order to avoid that patients spurn the bitter medicine which they were offered and talked into having with cock-and-bull stories, a pressure to buy is generated by laws (harassment of nonconformist physicians/hospitals; accounting modalities for the health insurance companies, which discriminate alternative healing methods; mandatory membership in health insurances; forced vaccinations).
A quote from The Cancer Report in this respect:
"All effective cancer cures are illegal for any doctor to prescribe in the United States."

Cancer therapy using the Budwig Diet:

The Industry Suppressed Budwig Regimen or How To Cure Cancer With Cottage Cheese


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