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In the capitalistic medical industry there is an economic interest to provide wealthy patients who are dependent on a organ donation, with organs from dead persons. So the entrance fee to the waiting list in German clinics for foreign patients is said to be 120,000 € (cf. FAZ.NET, article „Die Unverfrorenheit ist erschütternd“). And at various German university hospitals physicians receive a contractual bonus per performed transplantation (cf. Sü, article "Operation ohne Bonus"). Concealed in this article is the obvious question, what is the profit of the hospitals with the transplantations and how high is the pressure on physicians to eviscerate patients on behalf of their employer.

However, after the death of an organ donor this lucrative business model is medically queried as unpaired organs (especially heart and liver) in that case cannot be transplanted any longer. This dilemma led to the construction of brain death, to be able to remove such organs from still living people. The establishment of brain death contrary to the appearance associated with this term does not require the complete failure of the brain. So, a video is supposed to exist about a patient who was diagnosed as brain dead and nevertheless tried to raise his upper body and to fold his arms. Many brain injured and coma patients once can recover and lead a normal life.

The brain death diagnosis consists essentially of the "apnea test" in which the artificial respiration of the patient is interrupted for up to 10 minutes to test whether he starts breathing without support. This test interrupts the blood supply to the brain and causes an irreversible brain damage even before the diagnosis of brain death. What one intends to test is induced more or less by the test if not already existing. Possible other side effects: Irrevocable cardiac arrest (death), disturbance of the cardiac rhythm, heart attack.

The website of the "NHS Organ Donor Register" of UK contains the mendacious formulation:

"Join the NHS Organ Donor Register and one day you may be able to donate your organs and tissue after death."

Not a single word about the fact that many organs are removed not after the confirmation of death, but previously after the alleged establishment of brain death. More than ever not a single word about the beneficent side effects of brain death diagnosis.

Nota bene: Not only doctors are strongly suspected of patient murder in connection with organ donation, also close relatives, authorized representatives or jurisdictional attendants who give their consent to an organ donation and who know about the problems of brain death, are involved in this slaughter feast! Where the entirely not sarcastically intentioned suspicion is in the air that close relatives, in particular heirs, sometimes give their approval out of self-interest and help a little to die.

Masses of work for conscientious prosecutors...


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