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A Killer Myth

A complete overview of all aspects of this topic

The emperor's new virus?

by the Perth Group

Is HIV the cause of AIDS?

An interview with Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos (Perth Group)

Do antibody tests prove HIV infection?

An interview with
Dr. Valendar F. Turner
(Perth Group)

Rethinking AIDS

The group for the scientific reappraisal of the hiv/aids hypothesis

15 years of AIDS

By Heinrich Kremer, Stefan Lanka, W-X.Liang, Kurt Stampfli

Treatment Information Group

A public interest initiative in South Africa to promote research-based debate of antiretroviral drug policy, alternative non-toxic treatment approaches to AIDS, 'HIV' testing issues, and 'HIV' itself.

HIV and AIDS: 2 purposeful and profitable stupidities

The viewpoints about HIV/AIDS of the scientists of the Perth Group:

According to the Perth Group it is NOT proven that

According to the Perth Group

In 2010 the sales of the 9 AIDS-medicaments with the strongest turnover amounted to a total of 12.3 Billion US-Dollars.


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