AIVarRef.au3 – a script for AutoIt

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An AutoIt script for the determination of all in AutoIt scripts.

In the script name, reference is made with
AI to AutoIt,
Var to variables,
Ref to reference in the original sense of (German) referieren = to give a summary, a report.

The resutates generated by the script are bilingual. The switch is made in line 8 of the script:
Global $Deutsch = True → German
Global $Deutsch = False → English.

The script assumes that the following option was selected at the beginning of the script to be examined:
AutoItSetOption("MustDeclareVars", 1)
If this option was not selected, AIVarRef.au3 can recognise the variables but is deceived about their declaration status.

The file AIVarRef.html, which is included in the ZIP package, is automatically loaded by AIVarRef.au3 and modified for the purpose of later viewing and information retrieval and is then to be saved (under a different name!) and examined via browser. If the script AIVarRef.au3 is started with AutoIt, it must be located in the directory of the AutoIt start programme or, if the script is compiled by the user, in the directory of AIVarRef_X**.exe.

Those who want information about a specific variable can find it in the browser by pressing Ctrl-F. And who is interested in variable problems in the script code, is recommended to search in the browser for information with a red background colour.

Variables or constants that originate from '#include' files and were therefore not declared in the script itself are commented with 'variable/constant from include file?' The remedy is the processing of the script beforehand with the programme AU3Stripper.exe, which inserts such variables/constants declarations into the script. After subsequent editing with AIVarRef.au3, this provides interesting insights.

As an example, reference is made to the HTML files generated by AIVarRef

While the 1st file often assumes variables from include files, this message only occurs occasionally with regard to the 'stripped' file, since the latter contains the value assignment for constants. In the 2nd file, on the other hand, the question of transferring constants to functions is raised more frequently in the case of singularly occurring constants.

Anyone who has the program AutoIt may change the script at his decretion.


zip-Icon - development version 25th September 2022
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